Tuesday, 9 August 2016

5 Easy Workouts to Stay Fit

A beautiful face doesn’t ensure a healthy life. You need to be active physically and mentally as well. For living a healthy lifestyle one must exercise regularly and eat healthy food as kind of food you eat also has straight impact on the health so just be little conscious of your eating habits.
The combination of systematic workout routine and healthy food will ensure you to live a lusty lifestyle. There are some Wonderful Workouts that can help you to fit in your clothes better and will make you feel mentally strong and calm.

·         Yoga: Yoga is the historic approach to stay healthy and fit. Yoga can easily diminish any type of body ache. Yoga is comprised of many forms of physical, mental and spiritual ASANAS. It provides various psychological and physical benefits. If you want to gain health for entire body the Yoga can be the best exercise for you. 

Jump Rope: Jump rope is very inexpensive and portable. It is as beneficial as running, also you don’t have to go outside your home and spend dollars for jumping rope. You can do it almost everywhere you feel comfortable. It helps you in cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, muscle toning, calorie burning, bone strengthening and many more..

·         Walking:  It is imperative for everyone to walk continuously 30 minutes a day. This 30 minutes walk can keep you away from various diseases. It helps in burning good amount of calories that will keep you fit and active. Walking briskly in garden or other greeny areas will mollify your mind and heart. 

·         Running: Running has been considered as the best exercise from primitive era. It is a power-packed physical activity that is beneficial for your entire body. Running everyday makes brain grow stronger and improves overall health. Your bones become steadfast and metabolism gets boosted by running regularly.

·         Aerobics: It is a powerful exercise that not only has physical benefits but has plethora of physiological benefits too. Aerobics can help cure stress, anxiety and depression. Aerobics helps in maintaining weight and also prevents you from harmful diseases like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. Water aerobics is way too beneficial for “Mommies’ to be”. 

We all have heard the phrase “Health Is Wealth” millions of times but how many have it taken seriously? If you aren’t doing anything to improve your health then you must start exercising right now as it’s never too late to make efforts for gaining “Good Health”.
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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Maxi Dress: LOVE

Hey folks!
I am back again after a month’s break. I hope you all are doing great! 

These days’ Maxi dresses have become a big obsession for me. Whenever I think of a party look, the thought of Maxi dresses immediately comes in my mind. They are quite comfortable too and suitable for all kinds of events. Isn’t it? 

Recently I found a couple of maxi dresses on Stylewe.com and liked these dresses a lot. I hope you’ll also love these dresses. So here’s my WISHLIST…. :)

Just take a look at this Multicolor Bow Casual Maxi Dress. I am loving the colors in this outfit. Neck line is so pretty!!

This is a perfect prom dress. Its color is making it more elegant. It is in one of my favorite pastel shades. 

This classy black Maxi dress is looking very decent and comfortable. Black is my all time favorite colors and I know most of the girls too love BLACK. Isn’t that true? 

Last but not the least; this Short Sleeve Maxi Dress is way too pretty. That shine in the fabric is making it picture perfect. 

I hope you like these Maxi Dresses. Please let me know in comments!
Hugs :)

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Life. Problems. Finding Solution!!!

Hi friends! I’m back on BLOGGER. I know it is my new blog and I should post regularly to keep in touch with lovely friends like you. But I’m really busy these days. I have been facing a lot…lot problems recently. Actually, I need to find a new job and having hard time in finding that. So I can’t keep up with the blog

Since it is a lifestyle blog and I shouldn’t post personal problems here but I feel so low these days and can’t share my problems with anyone. So I thought blogger would be a good place to get all the tensions and stuff out of my mind. 

I feel like depressed all the time as I am under a lot of pressure. And blogger seems to be a great place to reduce stress by sharing my feelings with my wonderful readers.
Truly, I am feeling quite comfortable writing down my problems on blogger. 

OH!!!! What a fantastic place to share feelings without any worries!! :)

Here I come to the point…. Hunting the new job is such onerous thing. I am not satisfied with the current one. But I am in great need to find a good source of income so looking to try out micro job websites to get some money for living. I will soon be trying out one or two quite soon until I find a good one and would like to share my experience with these micro work sites.

This is it for now. I would share some interesting posts soon as my problem gets solved. 

Thanks a lot for reading through my post. Stay tuned!! :)

Friday, 3 June 2016

Get The Look On Strict Budget!!

Hi friends! In today’s post I’m going to quickly share some good party looks for her and within the college budget. 

Everyone loves fashion, but wait… what prevents us from the longing of looking good and attractive? Yeah! It is the budget. Not everyone can afford costly stuff, especially college going buddies. Correct me if I am wrong!! Well, I have found some pretty stuff on Amazon.com for evening parties and outings at low to medium budget. Check out the Looks here:
Classy Black Dress
Classy Black Dress

Peplum Yellow midi summer dress
Peplum Yellow midi summer dress

Scoop Neck Vintage Dress
Scoop Neck Vintage Dress
I hope you like these Looks. Please let me know by sharing your precious comments!